Modern Construction

Whether you're dipping your toes into the waters of Modern Methods and would like some basic guidance, or simply need to bolster your existing resources, the Hill Cannon Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Department is here to help. We offer a wide range of services in a variety of materials.


  • Full structural design in variety of Modern Methods, including light gauge steel, timber, concrete and Structural Insulated Panel.
  • NHBC Light Gauge Steel Certifiers for Stage Two Checking (No. 0603), and provision of NHBC / SCI Technical Manuals for Stage One.
  • Designs available to British Standards and European Codes for light gauge steel and timber.
  • Foundation to Roof Solutions with a one-stop package.
  • SAP Calculations. Full SAP Calculations, air leakage tests and formal EPC issued upon completion.

Projects undertaken by our staff include:

  • St Oswalds Rd, Fulford, York. Where Classic and Contemporary meet. These two four bed roomed homes in contrasting styles, classically traditional and strikingly contemporary were conceived as two distinctly individual properties in the district of Fulford in York.

  • Rhubarb. Office block in the artist's quarter of Birmingham. Five-storey light gauge steel, with roof level patio.


  • Chubb Hill, Whitby. Private and Social Housing. Three and four-storey light gauge apartments.
  • Care homes for various clients.
  • Three hundred Holiday Homes in Tahiti.
  • Two-storey SIP house extension in Derbyshire.
  • Two-storey SIP new build house in Poole.
  • Premier Inn, Seventy-bed light gauge steel hotel in Oswestry.
  • Two-storey residential building in Dublin.

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