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MEP or Building Services Engineering brings buildings to life, creating a safe and comfortable environment for building users to live, work, rest and socialise, and to provide the required lighting level conditions to undertake the activities and functions intended of the buildings at all times.  We recognise the importance of our activities and on all projects we strive to provide our clients with leading edge design skills and engineering practice to deliver outstanding buildings and building performance for our clients.

Our highly experienced team of proactive chartered engineers provide professional building services design and consultancy services across the full range of building sectors including but not limited to residential, leisure, industrial and logistics, education, transport, commercial, local government, health, retail, etc.

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Our ethos is to provide first class client care and to support this we retain director involvement on all projects from inception and pre-planning to project completion. In the early stages we work holistically with building owners, developers, organisations, project managers, architects and other design team members, as well as the construction teams to develop the brief and fully understand the aspirations of the project.

With this knowledge we are then able to assist in achieving high-performance sustainable and cost effective building solutions that address environmental objectives but still create safe and comfortable internal conditions to meet client requirements, achieve health and well-being objectives and contribute to creating attractive, future-proof and adaptable buildings.

Key systems designed by our team include;

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Fuel Supply & Distribution
  • Combined Heat & Power Generation
  • Chilled Water Plant and Cooling Systems
  • Building Automation Systems and Controls/BMS
  • Air Filtration
  • Public Health Design
  • High and Low Voltage Systems, Switchgear and Distribution
  • Earthing & Protection Systems
  • Lighting (Internal and External)
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Security Installations
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Communications Systems
  • Standby Generation & UPS systems
  • Vertical Transportation
  • Lightning Protection


With buildings generating up to 33% of the carbon dioxide generated in the United Kingdom our buildings services engineers undertake a critical role in helping to mitigate the impact of buildings in relation to climate change. Addressing the sustainability and the climate change challenge has underpinned the operations of building services engineers for many years but more recently there has been a dramatic increase in appreciation of the issues and governments across the world have set challenging net zero carbon initiatives, including the UK 2050 Zero Carbon target .

The definition of net zero carbon varies and needs to address operational carbon generation use, as well embodied energy used in construction. In support of meeting the carbon targets, Hill Cannon, as an accredited Low Carbon Consultant, use our specialist skills to work holistically with design teams and to create highly efficient buildings that maximise the use of renewable and passive design technologies, and to satisfy the increasingly demanding performance requirements of legislation such as the Building Regulations Part L, and local sustainability targets. Key aspects of our service include;

Confirmation of Building Regulations Part L2A compliance against all 5 compliance criteria
Provision of advice on energy efficiency and conservation.
Provision of advice on and design of low carbon and renewable technologies.
Application of passive design technologies to make the best use of shade and natural ventilation.
Delivery of the information needed to manage the building effectively and ensure that it continues to perform to its design intent after handover
In addition to this our design solutions always aspire to achieve a future-proof solution taking account of long term national energy targets and future changes in legislation.

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