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Parking Consultancy & Design – Pre/Post Planning

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Our comprehensive pre and post planning services are outlined below.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Banbury Station


  • Parking Feasibility Studies including;
    • Engineering and Financial Appraisal of Car Park Structures and Parking Systems.
    • Planning Requirements.
    • Whole Life Financial Evaluations.
    • Technical Viability Appraisal including all forms of  superstructure frame options.
  • Preliminary Design Input into Single and Multi-Deck Car Park Layouts including:
    • Parking Bays, Aisles and Ramp Layouts to ensure suitable circulation of both Vehicles and Pedestrians.
    • Ensure user-friendly Environments including Ventilation and Lighting requirements as well as sufficient open areas for surveillance purposes.
    • To achieve good gross floor area per space ratios.
    • Ensure adequate access and gross control to achieve good dynamic traffic flow characteristics.
  • Green Transport Plans.
  • Structural and Environmental Inspection Surveys of existing parking facilities.
  • Maintenance and Refurbishment Reports.
  • Parking Demand Studies.
  • Expert Witness and Technical Support for Planning Applications and Planning Appeals.
  • On-Street Parking Control Design to meet the requirements of the Highway Authority in supporting a Planning Application.
  • Car Park Pricing Strategies for operational purposes.
  • Car Park Design Research Services.
  • Technical Support and expertise to National Bodies responsible for setting standards in parking.


  • Detailed Sub and Superstructure Design of Single  and Multi-Deck Car Park Structures including;
    • Steel Frame.
    • Reinforced Concrete Frame.
    • Precast Concrete Frame.
    • Precast Hollow Core and Reinforced Screed Deck.
    • Precast Concrete Ribbed Decks.
  • Reinforced Concrete Design and Detailing.
  • Detailed Engineering Design Associated with Maintenance and Refurbishment of Existing Car Parking Facilities.
  • Detailed Design Co-ordination of Structural, Architectural and Services.
  • Development of Demountable Temporary Car Parks.
  • System and Services Specification to Assist with Tender Stage, Procurement and Contract Administration.
  • Pricing and Operational Strategy
  • Implement the Approved On-Site Parking Control including;
    • Design of Controlled Parking Zones
    • Prepare and Submit Relevant Traffic Orders
  • Third Party Design Auditor Service
  • Contract Administration and Site Supervision Services.
  • Expert Witness Services.
  • Technical Support and Expertise to Construction Teams.
  • Technical Support and Expertise to National Bodies. Responsible for Setting Standards in Parking.


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