Projects / Manchester Royal Infirmary Helipad & Bridgelink

Client: Engie

Service: Structural Engineering

The state-of-the-art helicopter landing pad, situated on the roof of Grafton Street car park on Oxford Road Campus (ORC), enables critically ill or injured babies, children, and adults to be airlifted straight to MFT hospitals in Manchester city centre. The Helipad’s supporting structure is placed at the roof of the existing Multi-storey car park, which has been recently extended, the design also by Hill Cannon.

The link between the helipad and the hospital building, passes through a roof top accommodation unit adjacent to the helipad, and then through a high level, elevated corridor, link bridge, spanning above the main roads, continuing further with the link bridge supported by the existing MRI precast concrete structure before entering the hospital main building.

The new supporting structure uses steel as the main material to reduce weight, increase flexibility, enhance aesthetics, and complement existing buildings while providing all design and detail requirements. Link bridge cladding and steel frame design provides further enhancement of the architectural layout.

Checking stability of the existing supporting structures along with the design of the new foundations formed part of the design work carried out by Hill Cannon.

Drone footage courtesy of Curtis Moore, Cladding Installer/Install partner on the scheme