Structural & Civil Engineers

Connecting structure and architecture with practical and innovative solutions, we establish the most efficient, cost effective solution for your project needs, budget and time requirements.

Our broad, multi-disciplinary skills base has experience across a wide spectrum of engineering services and brings a personal approach to understanding the technical challenges of your scheme and the delivery of solutions that release the full potential of site


Parking Consultants

With the combined experience of staff involved in over 1000 car park design commissions mainly as design and build contracts with many award winning car parks, we have an enviable reputation of being one of Europe’s leading Car Park Consultants and Designers. The design and feasibility studies undertaken by our staff range from a 40 space scheme to a 4000 space car park for the Ministry of Finance, Kuwait. Clients include major car park operators, airports, hospitals, government bodies, shopping centres and private developers in both the UK and around the world.


Expert Witness

When you need an independent opinion about any construction or engineering project which is under or is likely to be under dispute, Hill Cannon has the expertise to objectively and impartially advise of your position, responsibilities and possible outcomes.


Project Management

Hill Cannon undertakes varied projects ranging from multi-storey car parks to building projects involving Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy as well as Parking Consultancy.

Frequently, our experience leads to additional appointments by the Client, including Lead Consultant on car park projects engineered by ourselves. Our duties include the appointment of a professional design team, such as Architects, Quantity Surveyors and M & E Engineers.


Small Works

When you need the services of a structural engineer for advice or to progress a small project, we have a dedicated team who can deliver a wide range of general engineering services.

From structural inspections and calculations, for Building Regulation or Planning Applications, to advice on completed projects, our engineers start by listening to and understanding your concerns or what you need to achieve.


Modern Construction

Whether you’re dipping your toes into the waters of Modern Methods and would like some basic guidance, or simply need to bolster your existing resources, the Hill Cannon Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Department is here to help. We offer a wide range of services in a variety of materials.


Steel Framed Buildings

Staff at Hill Cannon have been involved in the design of numerous steel framed buildings from portalised industrial units to framed buildings of all sizes.


Automated Car Parking Systems

There is a growing international trend for city centre and premium parking locations to opt for a fully automated car park due to the logistics of space utilisation for the developer and secure and rapid retrieval parking for the motorist. The cumbersome mechanical transit systems of old, plagued by breakdowns and high maintenance costs, have been replaced by new technologies and sophisticated software controls. The advances in materials handling with high bay warehouses offers swift and reliable means of automated storage and retrieval and moving a vehicle can be considered in the same way albeit someone’s prize possession the system needs to handle the vehicle with ‘kid gloves’.