Structural Engineering / Pre / Post Planning

Structural Engineering – Pre/Post Planning

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Our comprehensive pre and post planning services are outlined below.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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  • Survey and Inspections of all structures including;
    • Residential Properties (Private, Social and Student)
    • Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Leisure Properties
    • Schools/Universities
    • Care Homes
    • Historic Buildings
    • Bridge Structures
    • Retaining Walls
    • Temporary Structures
  • Preliminary Structural Design Appraisals at Feasibility/Conceptual Design Stage Including;
    • Foundations
    • Substructure
    • Superstructure format
    • Sizing of structural elements and structural zone requirements.
  • Value Engineering Input to Support a Financial Viability Appraisal.


  • Detailed structural design of foundations including:
    • Strip/Trench-fill Foundations.
    • Pad Foundations.
    • Raft Foundations.
    • Piled Foundations incl. Pile Caps and Ground Beams.
  • Structural input into Ground Improvement Solutions such as Vibro Stone Columns, Grouting, Lime Stabilization Works, Earthworks Compaction/Surcharge etc.
  • Detailed Structural Design of Ground Floor Construction including;
    • Ground Bearing Concrete Slabs.
    • Suspended Concrete Slabs.
  • Detailed Structural Design of Sub Structure
  • Detailed Structural Design of Superstructure including;
    • Steel Frame.
    • Reinforced Concrete Frame.
    • Lightweight Frame Systems.
    • Precast Concrete Frame.
    • Masonry Construction.
    • Timber Frame.
    • Podium Slabs incl. Steel and Reinforced Concrete.
    • Structural Supporting System for Modular Construction.
  • Design of Structural Repairs.
  • Design of Retaining Structures.
  • Full Drawing Service including BIM compliance.
  • Structural Engineering Technical Support to Construction Teams incl. Site Visits/Inspections.


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